3D ጥልፍ ጨርቅ ያጌጠ ጋር ሺክ ዶቃዎች ማታ አለባበስ ለ ዕንቁዎች Tulle ጨርቅ ሠርግ ጥልፍ ጨርቅ

አጭር መግለጫ:

Gorgeous 3D Embroidery Beaded Lace Fabric Is So Chic.

የምርት ዝርዝር

የምርት መለያዎች

3D ጥልፍ ጨርቅ ያጌጠ ጋር ሺክ ዶቃዎች ማታ አለባበስ ለ ዕንቁዎች Tulle ጨርቅ ሠርግ ጥልፍ ጨርቅ

የምርት መግቢያ:
Gorgeous 3D Embroidery Beaded Lace Fabric Is So Chic.

የምርት ልኬት (ዝርዝር መግለጫ):

የምርት ስም:3D ጥልፍ ጥልፍ ጨርቅ
ንጥል የለምMDXA682
ቁሳዊ:20% ፖሊስተር,80% ናይለን
የባህሪ:የውሃ የሚሟሟ,ለኢኮ ተስማሚ
ርዝመት:1 ያርድ = 91.44Cm
ቀለም:ስዕል,ሌሎች ቀለሞች ሊበጁ ይችላሉ
ብራንድ ስም:MDX ጥልፍ ጨርቅ
ማሠሪያ ጉዝጓዝ:15 ያርድ / ፕላስቲክ ከረጢት,ሰበሰበ,የካርቶን ሣጥን
የጨርቃጨርቅ አጠቃቀም:Fashion dress, women clothes, tops, decorations, curtains and home textiles, garments,etc

የምርት ባህሪ እና ትግበራ:
This 3D Beaded Embroidery Lace Fabric Will Be Fairy Witness.
3D Embroidery With Beads Lace Fabric Can Used To Dress,Wedding Dress And Evening Dress.

የምርት ዝርዝሮች:
1.Embroidery With Beading
2.Fashion And Luxury

የምርት ተፈላጊ:

አድርስ,የመላኪያ እና ማገልገል:
1. 24 Hours Service Online
2. Prompt Response
3. On Time Delivery
4. Accept Customized
5. ከሽያጭ በኋላ አገልግሎቶች


መ 1: Are you a lace fabric factory or trading company?
A1: We are a trading company with our own factory,professional manufacturer and wholesale supplier.

Q2: የእርስዎ ዋና ምርቶች ምንድናቸው??
A2: we are dedicated in developing and producing all kind of fashion handmade lace,3d lace fabric,beaded ጥልፍ ጨርቅ,sequins ጨርቅ ጥልፍ,ነጭ ጥልፍ ጨርቅ,embroidery lace fabric and more.

መ 3: What’s your lace fabric advantage?
A3: (1) competitive price
(2) high quality that is suitable for cloth and dresses
(3) one stop purchasing
(4) fast response and professional suggestion on all inquiries

Q4:May I have your beaded lace fabric sample first?
A4:እርግጠኛ, we will offer you A4 size beaded lace fabric free sample to check our quality,and you should be pay the shipping fee.

Q5: What is your white lace fabric MOQ?
A5:As lace fabric wholesale supplier,Have Stock with the MOQ is 15 ያርድ / ቅጥ,Out of stock design MOQ is 30-60 yards/design.

አዳዲስ ዜናዎች:
1. Professional Sourcing Team,Can Respond You Quickly For The Sample You Need
2. Professional Development Team,Can Customize To Meet Your Need
3. Garment Accessories Supplier,Good At Making Accessories,Such As The Lace Trims,Patches,Tassel, etc.
4. Regular Promotion,Send New Production Regularly To You If You Need
5. ተለክ 10 Years Experiences In Producing Fabric And Garment Accessories

ለእኛ የእርስዎን መልዕክት ይላኩ:

አጣሪ አሁን
አጣሪ አሁን