Welcome To YiXunpan

The founder of the company has been focusing on domestic search engine SEO optimization since he left Baidu search engine in 2004; in 2012 he began to do network-wide marketing planning and search engine bidding services for domestic enterprises; formally registered the company and the company’s technical director in 2014 Fan Xiaowen worked together to develop a search engine intelligent bidding management system; in 2015, combined with Google’s back-end trading experience to apply for Google and Facebook agency permissions and purchase two major platform API interfaces for real-time customer search, allowing foreign trade companies to switch from passive customers to active development customers. In March 2016, the mail tracking system was launched to solve whether the buyer has opened the development letter after the foreign trade company responded, so as to solve the interactive relationship between the buyer and the business follower. In June 2017, it formally became a partner of Google Greater China (a first-level agent); an agent of facebook in South China; also correspondingly authorized by Google and facebook’s big data interface; officially promoted the easy inquiry system on March 8, 2018 ( Software copyright number: 2859973). After a whole year of market training and the promotion and verification of foreign trade customers in different industries, the product is completely result-oriented to bring benefits to customers (valid inquiry is the core); corresponding to December Passed the national high-tech appraisal; in 2019, two Alibaba executives and Yi Xunpan founded Zhijunshi (Guangdong) Holdings Co., Ltd.

Advance with the times, produce high-quality products that meet the needs of consumers, and accept OEM or ODM custom designs according to customer requirements.

We are a responsible company, strictly control the quality of each product, and constantly develop products that meet the needs of more customers. We warmly welcome customers from all over the world to come to our company to guide our work. We are eager to serve you.

About the company

Specializing in the production of wholesale lace fabrics,kordon krujeva,kordon krujeva,Sequin krujeva, Lace Accessories

Our Factory

We are manufacturer of wedding dress lace fabric,can accept OEM or ODM customized design according to your requirement.
If you need, please contact us any time, we are passionate for you.We warmly welcome customers from all over the world to guide our work.

Product Application

Biz müxtəlif moda əl krujeva parçalar istehsalı üzrə ixtisaslaşan olunur. Kimi: 3D krujeva parça, əldə hörülmə krujeva, kordon krujeva, Elegant French krujeva parça, African krujeva parça, Sequined krujeva parça,Lace Trim ,Lace Flowers və s.

Product Application

Garment,don,Evening Dress,Wedding Dress,Clothes,Shoes,Bags,Home Textile ect.

Production Market

Mainly exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia ,USA,European and Russia ect.

Our service

1. Pre-salesproduct advantages (products in terms of design, materials and patterns compared to other products)
Price advantage (than the CTC advantage, and the price advantage of similar website selling points or competitors)
Quality advantage (The item must be guaranteed to be required by the customer, and the quality of the item must be guaranteed to meet the relevant standards)

2. On-salesservice advantages (after-sales service advantages such as goods order guidance, payment methods, logistics information, və s.)

3. After-salesfollow-up advantage (timely recommend new, tracking customer information, feedback product usage)