Технология и приложение на дантела

The origin of lace
Lace is an exotic product that first appeared in the United States. Дантелата е мрежеста структура, първо ръчно плетено с плетене на една кука. Europeans and Americans use a lot on women’s clothing, особено вечерни рокли и сватбени рокли. През 18-ти век, Европейските съдилища и аристократични мъже също го използваха много в маншети, нашийници, и чорапи.

Lace Fabric Composition
Lace fabric is divided into elastic lace fabric and non-elastic lace fabric, известен също като дантела плат. Съставът на еластична дантелена тъкан е спандекс 10% и найлон 90%. Съставът на нееластична дантелена тъкан е 100% найлон.

Technology and application of lace
The production of lace is a very complicated process. It is made of silk or yarn according to a certain pattern. The traditional lace is different from China in that it is hooked or embroidered. A less complicated pattern can take a month or more for a skilled female worker to complete. Lace works are usually completed by one person independently, so each lace is unique. Handmade lace is used on some high-end fashion or royal interiors, and it is rarely seen by ordinary people. Today’s lace products take a high-end line, such as high-end handmade underwear, and adopt a global limited production method. Each batch of lace products must be registered and sold out, and will never be produced again. Favor.

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