Fordelene ved Lace Fabric

Vi er gode kinesiske producenter. Vi har et væld af erfaring fra erhvervslivet. Vi levere tilfredsstillende produkter og tjenester til vores kunder over hele verden. Our products include 3d blonde stof, 3d brude lace,beaded blonde.Velkommen til at kontakte os.

Fordelene ved blonder
1. Kemiske fiber blonde er den mest almindelige form for blonde stof, og materialet er hovedsageligt nylon og spandex. Fordelene ved kemiske fiber blonder er, at det er billigere at gøre, har flere mønstre, flere farver, og er ikke let at bryde.
2. bomuld blonde er generelt på bomuld foring klud med bomuldstråd broderet formen af ​​blonde, and then cut off the hollow part of the cotton made of a kind of lace. Cotton lace is also a relatively common type, which can be seen on many clothes, and the elasticity is basically the same as cotton cloth. The advantage of cotton lace is that it is cheap, not easy to break, can be ironed at high temperature, and feels good. In general, cotton lace is a good alternative to chemical fiber lace.
3. cotton lace, as the name suggests, is the use of cotton woven into the lace. Since the cotton lace is woven by all the cotton threads, the thickness is generally thick. The advantages of cotton lace are similar to cotton lace. Cotton lace is a little more expensive than cotton lace, and the cost is slightly more expensive, and it is not easy to wrinkle. In general, cotton lace is usually used on some small laces in clothing.
4. embroidered lace is a layer of gauze with cotton, polyester and other lines embroidered lace shape, and then cut off the outer profile because the interlining is gauze, so the feel will vary according to the hardness of the gauze, but in general A softer embroidered lace made from a softer gauze would be better. Compared with the above three, the advantage of embroidered lace is that the hand feels soft and smooth, not easy to wrinkle, can be folded, and the elasticity is better. In general, clothing that has high requirements for softness and material will basically use embroidered lace, such as the lining of the skirt and underwear.
5. Water-soluble lace is made by weaving the lace pattern on a lining paper with polyester thread or viscose filament. After completion, the lining paper is dissolved by using higher temperature water, leaving only the lace body, as the name is water-soluble lace. Since water-soluble lace has more stitches than the above-mentioned laces, the cost of water-soluble lace is also more expensive. The advantage of water-soluble lace is that it feels very good, soft and smooth, slightly elastic, shiny, three-dimensional, and many patterns. In general, water-soluble lace is basically used in garments with good workmanship and materials. The water-soluble lace that works well may reach tens or even hundreds of dollars/meter.

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Posttid: 2019-08-15
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