Lace fabric’s advantages

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Lace fabric refers to fabrics with embroidery or embroidery on the fabric. The appearance of this fabric is very beautiful and distinctive, and is loved by many friends. Lace fabrics currently on the market are generally used as excipients in clothing. Because lace fabric has a unique pattern and hollow, it is often embedded in other fabrics. It not only adds a lot of color to the style of the clothes, but also shows the exquisite luxury and the mysterious and unique characteristics.

Lace fabric can be made into a variety of styles of clothing. As a main ingredient, it is often used in the style of small tails or straight clothes, which can reflect the exquisite figure of women. As an excipient, it can be added to any style of clothing or food, which can greatly enhance the fashion and beauty. The price of lace fabrics is abroad, especially in France. The main reason for making wedding dresses is that the price is very expensive, but the price of lace fabrics in China is much cheaper.

Lace fabric are used in a wide range of applications, covering almost the entire textile industry. Some beautiful lace elements can be added to all textiles. The lace fabric is very thin and light, even if it has a multi-layer design, it will not feel heavy. The design of lace fabric can not only create a sweet feeling, but also become very sexy, unique and diverse. Used as curtains to install in the living room, bedroom and other places to add brilliance, but also can be used as bedding decoration.

The lace fabric is soft and feels comfortable to touch. The density of the lace fabric is relatively high, and it has a good cold and windproof effect on the body. The lace fabric has a strong abrasion resistance, and even after repeated washings, it does not wrinkle the hair ball. The color of the lace fabric is better, giving a visually high-end atmosphere, and the fabric is quite gorgeous and elegant;

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Post time: 2019-05-30