3D, ផ្កាចរក្រណាត់គូរដោយដៃប៉ាក់រ៉ូបសម្លៀកបំពាក់កូនក្រមុំ


3D, ផ្កាចរក្រណាត់, Pattern Delicate, Full Of Romantic Color, Stereo Sense Is Strong, Good Gloss!



3D, ផ្កាចរក្រណាត់គូរដោយដៃប៉ាក់រ៉ូបសម្លៀកបំពាក់កូនក្រមុំ


Product Name:3D, ផ្កាចរក្រណាត់
Product Type:Lace
លក្ខណៈពិសេស:អេកូមិត្តភាព, រលាយទឹក
ប្រវែង:1 yard=91.44Cm
color:Green, Other Color Can Be Customized
Decoration:3D បានផ្កា, គុជខ្យង, អងា្កំ, Sequins
ឈ្មោះ​យីហោ:MDX Lace
Embroidery style:Handmade Embroidery
ការវេចខ្ចប់:15 យ៉ាត / កាបូបប្លាស្ទិច, រកដាសកាតុង
ការប្រើក្រណាត់:Dresses, Garment Clothing, Dress, Home Textiles, Bag, Shone etc.
Delivery Time:3-7 Working Days After Payment


High-Quality Fabrics, Fine Texture, Beautiful 3D Flowers
3D Flowers Lace Fabric Suitable For Evening Dresses, Stage Wear, Fashion Show, Etc.

1. Exquisite Workmanship
2. High-Quality Fabric



ផ្តល់នូវ, ការដឹកជញ្ជូននិងបម្រើ:
1.We Will Professional And Great Service To Every Customer
2.Delivery And Shipping On Time
3.Inform The Shipping Status Promptly
4. 24 hours Online, If have any question, Very Welcome Feedback, And Guide

ត្រីមាសទី 1: What are your payment methods?
A1: We accept the Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Transfer, T/T, Paypal etc

ត្រីមាសទី 2: What type of lace fabric you sale?
A2: We do sell all of the lace fabrics, like 3d lace, beaded lace, sequins lace, bridal lace etc.

ត្រីមាសទី 3: Do you have a catalog?
A3:Since our designs change month, we do not offer a printed catalog at this time. All of our fabrics can be found on our web site with a picture, price, description, and in most cases you can order a swatch.

ត្រីមាសទី 4: Do you have a physical store?
រថយន្ត A4:Mdxlacefabric.com is an Internet store with a large warehouse distribution facility. we make every attempt to make shopping at our web store as close to thereal thingas possible.

សំណួរទី 5:. Can I get any discount?
A5: The price is negotiable, we can offer you discount depend on your quantity.

1. Professional Manufacturer of Wedding Dress Lace Fabric
2. MDX Lace Update the new design every month
3. Welcome New And Old Customers To Come To Negotiate And Sample Custom