Lace in underwear

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The design of lace fabric is romantic and refined. The constant innovation of the craft, the improvement of yarn quality, the perfect match of colors, and the re-processing of lace fabrics have made lace an indispensable fabric for fashion and underwear. “No lace, no woman.Lace can perfectly reflect all kinds of femininity: youthful, sweet, gentle, capable, sexy and charming.

Vertical striped lace fabric
The designer applies the classic vertical stripe elements to the lace craft. The fresh style brings a different sensory experience. Flowers, geometry, and hollowing are presented in stripes, and the glamour value rises linearly.

Floral lace fabric
Flowers are always the mainstream in fabric design. The lace designer enhances the three-dimensionality of the flower through the matching of the yarn. The overall layer of floral lace fabric is richer and more refined, with a sense of craftsmanship.

Fun outline line pattern lace
Thick and thin lines or a combination of virtual and solid lines, full of fun, very rhythmic.

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