Top Composite Lace Fabric’s Application

The use of lace fabrics is very extensive and can be said to cover the entire textile industry. All textiles can incorporate some lace elements. The lace fabric is light and thin, and even a multi-layered design does not make people feel heavy. Lace fabric is transparent and light, and has an elegant and mysterious artistic effect. It is widely used in women’s clothing.

Composite lace wedding dress fabric
As the most important occasion for girls, the wedding needs the blessing of lace. Lace is a favorite element of most girls, applied to the beautiful wedding dress to make the wedding dress more perfect. During the Victorian period, people began to sew lace on the neckline, cuffs and skirts of the wedding dress, which was full of emotion. Nowadays, lace fabrics are widely used in wedding dresses and dresses, and they are also very popular among brides.

Composite lace fabric dress
The girl’s favorite dress is of course also indispensable for the participation of lace. The skirt that originally highlights the girl’s traits is fitted with sweet lace, and the sweetness is increased a lot. Of course, depending on the effect of the combination, lace also has different applications. Black lace often gives a sexy feeling, while white lace gives a youthful feel, suitable for fluffy three-dimensional effects, with a white shirt with puff sleeves, like a princess.

Lace is very fragile. In daily wear, try to avoid being scratched by sharp objects to avoid the phenomenon of lace stripping. At the same time, there are some thick white laces, which should be cleaned frequently, and use milder cleaning agents. Otherwise, yellowing and lace fiber damage will occur, and the durability will be greatly reduced.

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Post time: 2019-07-04