What is water soluble lace fabric and features

What is water-soluble lace fabric? Water-soluble lace is a very high-grade openwork lace on the market. Its production process is time consuming and the production cost is relatively high. At present, the most popular clothing is also water-soluble lace, water-soluble lace is the main theme of the fashion trend. Water-soluble lace has a strong artistic atmosphere, and each pattern and density is very precise and compact. Water-soluble lace pushes the fabric industry to a new milestone, one of the women’s favorite fabrics. Next, I will introduce the water-soluble lace fabric.

Water-soluble embroidery (water-soluble lace) is a large category in embroidery lace. It uses water-soluble non-woven fabric as the base fabric, and uses viscose filament as the embroidery thread. It is embroidered on the base fabric by computer flat-stitch embroidery machine, and then heated. The water treatment dissolves the water-soluble nonwoven base fabric, leaving a three-dimensional lace. There are many kinds of embroidery patterns, embroidered and exquisite, uniform and uniform, and the image is realistic, rich in artistic sense and three-dimensional. A little bit of proofing of water-soluble lace is better handled, as long as the cassette is placed on the machine table and embroidered, and then the high-temperature boiling water in the high-pressure cooker is cooked. The polyester paper has a short cooking time and a long time for the cotton thread. Then use the iron to iron, then use the scissors to connect the cable and it will be OK.

Water-soluble lace is mainly used for clothing. In the recent stage, many women’s jewelry also widely used water-soluble lace fabric. Many women’s handbags in the market are made of water-soluble lace, and women’s handbags also have lace fashion elements. Water-soluble lace is also widely used in the decoration of the room, making the overall look very warm and romantic.

What is water-soluble lace fabric, lace shirt, lace bag, lace stockings, lace skirt, ආදිය. are all made of water-soluble lace. Women’s choice of lace is tantamount to elegant elegance, summer is the season of lace fabrics, girls can show her enchanting figure and strong gas field. If you want to know more about the wholesale knowledge of knitted fabrics, you can pay attention to Guangzhou Mingdexiu Textile Co., Ltd., the value of small knowledge you deserve.

Post time: 2019-03-30
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