Lace’s origin and use

As an ancient handicraft, lace crafts have emerged in the early 14th century. There is a beautiful story about the origin of lace: in the Middle Ages, a group of widows gathered in the lake of Bruges (the ancient city of Belgium), women woven lace to spend time, but also sent loneliness. They pray all the year round and hope that the husband of the army will return from the battlefield, so they will integrate their thoughts into the weaving.

Because of its beautiful, Lace represents the exquisite craftsmanship and romantic and feminine beauty from the very beginning.

Therefore, the lace element is also very popular among fashion designers. In recent years, it has been widely applied to women’s clothing design. No matter which kind of clothing, the design of the lace will show a trace of nobleness and elegant.

The design of the lace is beautiful, the craft is unique, after the fine processing, the pattern has a slight embossing effect, and the looming qualities make the feminine grooming just right.

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Post time: 2019-06-12
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