Lace fabricstrend

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Romantic lace fabrics are always irresistible. Lace fabric faint perspective texture, soft and romantic temperament, is definitely a representative of women’s bright and elegant.

Embroidered lace fabric
The delicate floral pattern is designed by embroidering and applied to the chiffon or mesh surface of the gauze. It presents a sweet and emotional taste, bringing a quiet and trendy atmosphere.

Embroidered rich craftsmanship embellishes the monotony of lace dresses to create a richer variety of romance.

Beaded lace fabric
Exquisite sequins are perfectly embellished with their inner beauty. No matter the fun animal pattern or the beautiful flower pattern, the unique visual experience of the sequin embroidery is exuded.

3டி சரிகை துணி
The diverse design and crafts of lace fabrics, 3D lace fabrics reveal the vitality of spring and summer.

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